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The Epic Tale of Turning 29: From Playing with Guns to Meeting Kings

I am fully aware that I haven’t written in over 2 weeks. And that’s simply just because I was saving it for my birthday week. Happy Birthday to me, I high-5 myself. Awesome me. Case Closed. Blah blah blah… moving on!

I have decided to celebrate my birthday the whole month of June and do some things I’ve never done before. I am beyond lucky & blessed to have friends who have… thoughtfully worked with me in mapping out a game plan for the most awesome birthday ever! As many know, last year was the worst. So to totally seek revenge for that disaster, I dragged some people with me to do some crazy things for laughs.

If I dished out on everything that I did, it’ll probably take more than 2 posts. But some things include… crashing a college graduation, a Smeagol-eque foray into the frigid waters of the beach at midnight, a Shakespearean play, lots of Black Keys, old fashioned dancing aka. the Swing, giant Jengga, lotsa cheesecake….. and some highlights:


Desert Eagle .50AE

Well, I’ve never shot a gun before… so we thought kicking the festivities off with a bang bang boom!! Favorite memory would be the instructor saying, “I’ve been working here for 2 years & this has happened only twice. In some rare occasion, the searing hot bullet casing flies and lands in your shirt. DO NOT EVER EVER PANIC!”

My FIRST SHOT with the 9MM Glock Pistol… bullet casing flies into my cleavage…. *look of disbelief*… walks away to compose myself. I commemorated the rogue bullet by turning it into a necklace.


Movies always portray this drink as the Everest of all drinks. There’s some sort of legendary & artisanal reputation about Absinthe, and I am quite lucky to be living in a city where the drink is actually legal. Finding a place to have it, is one thing. Finding a person to take that leap of alcoholic experimentation with you on a Monday night is another. So I would really like to thank my friend Rashpal for being gung-ho.

I totally expected it to be all green flaming splendor, but in fact we soon found out that it’s basically a crime to light it on fire…. as it somehow strips or destroys the molecular structure of the otherwise pure drink. So we had it the old fashioned, French way… with the cold water drip.

It was presented so beautifully that people would come up and ask us about it. It was like a show… watching the water drip from the dispenser, slowly melting the sugar cube sitting on a special spoon, and as the water consumes the light green liquid, the Absinthe turns into this milky-cloudy substance (La Louche) and you drink it from there.

I can honestly say is was a heavenly drink. I am just IN LOVE with how is smelled. The taste is powerful but not alcoholic like tequila or vodka. In fact, Absinthe (as I was told smells like Sambooka) is in a class of its own.

I’ve had it twice now and the only way I can describe the whole Green Fairy experience is that it is different. Rather than making us go loud and overwhelm us with the urge to dance or do something crazy (like most hard liquor has), Absinthe makes you feel chillax, happy, mellow, inspired… I can see why it is the poison of choice for people like Hemingway and many other bohemian artists.

Now my friend and I are on this research campaign to find the best brand we can find. The difference is, I am learning about it on a computer while he’s touring Europe. He’d better bring a bottle back as promised.

PS: Absinthe is served in SIX ACRES in Gastown.


The King Tut Exhibit in Seattle will be the last in North America. And since I have had the biggest fascination for history, it’s a lifelong dream to go to Egypt. And since I know that’s not going to happen any time soon, I literally body tackled the opportunity to see this exhibit with no mercy.

To everyone who bitched about how inadequate the exhibit was (ie, too few artifacts and the biggest icon [Tut’s golden death mask} wasn’t even present), I say SHUT THE F UP. Not everyone has the privilege to see a rare exhibit like this. Many of these pieces are beyond historically priceless and an extraordinary testament to human creativity and craftsmanship.

Some of my favorite pieces…

Scarab Necklace

PURE GOLD SLIPPERS… Where do I get one?

How this wooden chair survived… I will never know.

Canopic Jar

King Akhenaten, Tut’s father

Overall, I feel truly happy for how I chose to spend my 29th. I feel a little guilty for myself having to use my birthday as an excuse to live life in experiential extravagance. EVERY DAY should be an experience. Call me naive or a daydreamer or unrealistic… but people should never have to find an excuse to enjoy life.

Thank you to my family and friends, for humoring me these past 29 years, for I know that I am not the easiest person to like or be with. You guys are the only inspiration I need in this lifetime.

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