The Anti Bore


I don’t know why I’ve not done this earlier ahaha, but if I flip through my phone, there’s a good 900 instagram photos of things/places that I’ve taken with my iPhone. If a robber would like to know my personality, all he has to do is steal my phone (FYI, my phone is encrypted with CIA clearance level passwords that I even I sometimes forget).

We are a culture of picture takers, documenters, stalkers (yes, I have my own stALk footage), voyagers, storytellers, but really the reasons why people take photos these days are: NARCISSISM and everyone today seems to have the attention span of a goldfish… meaning, we forget a lot.

Prima Dona is what I call myself when it comes to photography. I’m a purist at heart. Most of my friends know I’ll leave everything behind but a camera…. let’s say   during my travels I am called upon a situation where I must relinquish my camera for the clothes in my bag… you know what’s going to happen. While you’re busy shopping for Manolo Blahniks, I am outside sitting on a bench waiting for something to happen.

Normally I carry my Nikon and my Rollei but these days “capture the moment” means having to be faster than everyone else. The speed of how fast in which we whip out our phones and snap a photo should be officially deemed an Olympic Sport.

PS: Want a great camera app? DOWNLOAD CAMERA+ (Instagram is NOTHING)

So here are some of my favorite photos from my iPhone.


Vancouver’s summer lifestyle. Sun & Beer

Winter is bleak, but beautiful

Under a bridge

Lululemon takes a swipe at Rioters

There’s Nothing like being there

Summing up the horror that was the 2011 Riots

the Olympic Cauldron




My Edison Bulb

The colors of my final collection

Antique circus poster outside Salmagundi

Yes We Do

The wine glass is not for Beer

The Golfer

An Alley Along Main

Jean Pierre… The Hipster Mascot

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