The Anti Bore


There’s a couple of hidden gems that I frequent, and one of them has recently won my heart for its simplicity and unpretentiousness. Other than good food, I really appreciate ambiance. As my friend Joce would call it, “OMG THIS PLACE SO HIPSTER!”… and why not? This cavernous oasis IS my hipster headquarters.

NELSON THE SEAGULL at 315 Carrall Street, Vancouver BC

PECKINPAH at 2 Water Street, Vancouver… SNAKEBITE (I can drink it allll day)

SWEET ANTHEM 6021-B California Ave SW, Seattle WA… finally got to visit Meredith Smith who has been brewing my personal perfumes for the most of the past 2 years. This is not the first time I spoke of her, but I finally had the chance to meet her for the first time in her quaint little store during my brief visit at Seattle.

And an extra one:

The ladies room at ELECTRIC OWL at 928 Main St, Vancouver…. an eclectic bar with a great vibe. Their ladies comfort room looks minimalisticly zen, but gritty. It even has a cushion on the floor in case 1) You pass out before you get to the cubicle, 2) You pass out on your way out of the cubicle.


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