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APR 26 // 3THINGS… No actually just ONE… TILLANDSIA // AIRPLANTS

I didn’t use to be a plant person, but when you’re in Vancouver, there is a great love for the green stuff. And if you actually keep up with design trends, you will find the slow rise of a plant (no actually it’s a weed) species called: TILLANDSIA (or Air Plants).

Quoting… ahem… Wikipedia: Tillandsia is a genus of around 540 species in the Bromeliad family (Bromeliaceae), found in the forestsmountains, anddeserts, of Central and South America, and Mexico and the southern United States in North America. The plant gathers moisture from the air (dust, decaying leaves and insect matter). Tillsandsia need no soil because water and nutrients are absorbed through the leaves.

Best part is: IT’S VIRTUALLY INDESTRUCTIBLE. And just requires H2O spritzing once a week. And these cute plants invite space creativity and can absolutely beautify a bare space in a heartbeat.

Because I was so inspired to be grounded to nature by these intriguing plants, I started collecting them 2 months ago. TADA!!

Tillandsia Butzii (origin Costa Rica, Mexico, and Panama)

Tillandsia Caput-Medusae (origin Mexico)


Tillandsia Bulbosa (Origin Columbia)

Left to right: TILLANDSIA CONCOLOR X IONANTHA, uh no idea what that is... and no idea what the last one is...

I kinda got this big fella on a discount because he was in bad shape. After a few weeks of nursing, he's getting his color back. Unfortunately... I forgot his name.

Another hodgepodge of unknown species originating from South Amercia... Shameless plug in: Martini glass from Pottery Barn

Tillandsia Palecacea Maxima .... ish.... Thanks to my sister for her broken tea pots

Family Photo. Love Waking Up to This

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