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APR 16 // 3THINGS… From a Coffee Shop to Mammoth Tusk Jewelry to Chocolate Makers

While there really isn’t much to be ecstatic about with this week ( if I elaborated on that, this entry will quickly metamorph into a spewing hot waterfall of rage sports blog, and that’s not lady like), I still found some old favorites that I haven’t really shared.

FIRST! My favorite hideaway… REVOLVER CAFE

Situated at 325 Cambie Street  Vancouver, Revolver is literally a hole in a wall. And it’s a place where I simply have fallen head over heels for since its opening. The coffee is excellent, the service is perfect, the ambiance is otherworldly.

The menu is so limited that you aren’t deviated away from the core expertise: Coffee at its purest. It’s a lovely way to meet people too… or feel anti-social and just brood in your corner with a self-appreciating looking book.

SECOND! TODD WOFFINDEN jewelry. Todd’s work is a little bit on the special side… He carves jewelry from fossilized Mammoth Tusks. Here in the Great North, the trade is quite popular but rare (as you can imagine why). So I thought it would be nice to get myself something I have been eyeing since I got here… and I’m due for another new ring anyway!

Mammoth tusk ivory ring with fresh water pearls.

THIRD! MAST BROTHERS CHOCOLATES…. probably one of the most beautiful products I have ever come across in a long time. Taste is always subjective, but if you’re like me who deviates to the more darker/richer chocolates, then this brand is for you. All bars are carefully made in small batches and hand wrapped. Now there’s a dying tradition right there!

Video below SAYS IT ALL.

Serrano Peppers… MY FAVORITE!

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