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Getting Over the 2011 Nightmare Birthday

In honor of the commencing Epic Gong Show, fondly known as the Stanley Cup PlayOffs, I’d like to kick the season off with a reflection of how it ended last year.

(PS: EVERYWHERE I go & when people find out I’m from Vancouver, I am ALWAYS asked to tell/comment on the saaaammmmeeee event…. I can’t even move on with my life)

People who bitch’n’whine about having the worst birthday last year (or in the recent years), need to ask me, “So! How did you turn 28?”. Granted my birthday is about 3 months away, whenever I hear the words “PlayOffs”, and thanks-to-you “Boston”, I am automatically taken back to a traumatic time where I just wanted to curl up into a ball and growl in rage.

The day started off so well, the city should have just called it a province-wide holiday. Nobody showed up to work, nobody was in their right minds to be even concentrating on classes, we all just wanted to find a spot of seatable real estate ANYWHERE in the city with a TV…. it is a fact that on great play-off campaigns, the city of Vancouver will never have enough bars, TV (even your friendly neighborhood drug store is now forced to buy a nice flatscreen TV just to get people to come into your store), alcohol, chairs, pint glasses, parking space, and apparently: Police.

THESE were the images of my 28th Birthday:

1) FIRST TIME EVER THAT I AM BARRICADED & TRAPPED IN A BAR… Fire left and right… tear gas here and there… Mobile providers were down (oh THAT was something)… Thank god Wireless worked…. It was like that scene from Shaun of the Dead when they were at the Winchester….


I believe this was taken by one of my friends (saw it in our shared Stanley Cup Images DropBox folder)

2) Not only did Vancouver loose 4-0 and idiots ransacked downtown into an unrecognizable state…. I also had a business plan due the next morning and have only written the Introduction. So there I was at 2am, drunk, depressed, pissed, near tears, and typing a business plan….. Not the most attractive moment of my life.

3) The next day I had to go to the Philippine Embassy (hung over, depressed like everyone else, pissed) to get my new passport. The only light at my tunnel that day was the thought that in about 2 weeks, I’ll get to see my best friend in San Francisco get married… AND THEN only to realize they had misspelled my name to:

I think the look on my face said it all because the woman behind the glass spun out of her chair like her hair was on fire. I literally was two blinks away from a monumental meltdown as I explain that I cannot NOT have a passport as I am urgently traveling to the States. So the head honcho walks over, snatches the passport and looks at it… “Ma’am, Happy Birthday pala po! Don’t worry, we’ll make an amendment”. Am like (at the back of my head) “Duuuuddeee!!!! why didn’t you say so… instead of having me stand here ready to pull a WWE and rip the metal chairs off the ground?”

The amendment by the way, turned out to be just a stamp that literally says “We hereby amend this person’s name from ASILINN to AISLINN”.

UNECESSARY DRAMA. But thank you to the Vancouver-Philippine Consulate.

My point is… I am hoping for a great birthday this year…. IF the Canucks make it to the finals (I have low expectations…. and that’s such A BIG IF right now…. let’s just say I have a lot of back-up teams to be cheering for), chances are it will once again fall dead smack on my birthday…. and they’d better win. Because I want to avenge my 2011 birthday.

I will do something really zen and maybe go fishing on my birthday this year.

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