The Anti Bore

APR 8: 3THINGS // From a DIY Umbrella… Results of Drunken Gummy Bear Experiment…. to Ryan Gosling…

A few weeks ago I stumbled upon a Russian made umbrella with a “finger” design. And I remember all the days I’ve woken up in Vancouver and thought, LLLLAAAAWWWWRRRRDDDDD WHY IS IT RAINING AGAIN!!!!!??????…..

FIRST: The “Shit it’s Raining” idea actually came from {RD} and I thought OK I’ll make one with a white umbrella and a Sharpie. On the day I debuted this umbrella there was this kid (little punk) at Starbucks who pointed at me (or probably it was my umbrella) and started laughing. And I thought, hey at least the little punk can read.

A few days later, it was once again raining with hale… I was standing by the side walk (under some slight roofage) and an RCMP tapped me on the shoulder and pointed out to my umbrella, “Just about sums it up eh?”… OMG MADE MY DAY.

SECOND: The DRUNKEN GUMMY BEAR EXPERIMENT (Part 2)…. which was a success!! WOHOOO!!! The trick is to soak the bears in Vodka for 3 days (200ML of Vodka for about… 30-40 Gummy Bears). After 3 days, drain HALF of the remaining liquid (actually, drink it as a shot! It’s SOOOOO yummy) and pour about another 200ML of juice (I used those frozen ones that comes in a tube?). This masks the super strong taste/smell of vodka. Let it soak for another 2-3 days… then it’s alllll gooooodddddd after that!!!! Seriously, great little treat (tastes like Jello Shots :D… only chewy)

THIRD: I honestly believe that we should give credit when/where/to whom credit it due. For this week, let’s not forget about RYAN GOSLING, who at this rate will surpass Chuck Norris & Bruce Lee in the coveted mythical status of Holy-Great-Ballz-of-Fire-LAAWWWRRRDDD-He-Looks-Like-a-God Department.

This week, Ryan Gosling saved a woman from being hit by a car (this woman was too busy texting {geez woman})…. if I was her, I’d be like, “Oh Thank you, I’m yours, take me!!!”… And remember the time Ryan STOPPED a fight?

Exhibit A:

He can fight all my battles anytime, anywhere….

AND!!! Just because they’re hilarious… My Favorite Ryan MEMEs:


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