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APRIL 1 // 3THINGS: My Day Offs = Hollywood Prop Sale to a Diner to My Room

I like spending my day offs wandering around the city. And normally that trolling around Vancouver means: looking for treasures in the least expected places. THAT’S my IDEAL Day-off (and of course stopping by like 3-4 favorite coffee spots… But that’s a different story). Vancouver is a city where you can almost travel any where by foot and the occasional bus or train. And the folks in this fine city have very deep love for art, craft, and hoarding vintage loot. It’s as if half the population is on a lifestyle standstill….

First stop is the Hollywood Prop Sale at this dingy warehouse under the Burrard bridge. It’s home to some 1920’s to 70’s Hollywood & Canadian movie props that a family collected continuously. SO THIS is what Time Travel feels like…. There were 2 Rolls Royce’s, some Mercedes… tons of retro chairs, lighting, housewares, billiards, radios, tv’s etc etc. I didn’t get any thing, but I really loved the chairs. If only I had space…. (thanks RD for the early morning tip)

SECOND THING Lucy’s Diner at Main Street. Kathryn and I decided to abuse the abnormally beautiful day by exploring the hood. And we were so exhausted from our vintage finds that we were just DYING to get something cold & sweet into our systems…. The word “MILKSHAKE” on some random eatery obviously worked like a call-to-action. Cuz’ the next thing you know we were in there like a fat kid in a candy store….

THIRD THING Can I just say… and everybody feel free to jump in and agree with confetti, but waking LATE is probably the best thing about days off. But normally I wake up early and run out the door because… entertainment awaits.

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