The Anti Bore

Side Project: When Gummy Bear Met Vodka

When I read somewhere that there’s this fashionable thing going around about SOAKING GUMMY BEARS IN VODKA…. yes you read it right…. I just had to try it.

We’ve all heard about jello shots…. apparently someone out there was too lazy to mix jello and vodka so they just dumped a whole bag of Gummy Bears into a vat of alcohol… et voila.

It’s NO ROCKET SCIENCE peeps. Buy a bag of Bears, any vodka (and if Vodka works… hell, ANY type of booze would probably work too…), fill a jar/cup/bowl (don’t use plastic containers) 3/4 up with gummy and pour the vodka on top and make sure that all the gummies are fully submerged (plus add extra vodka because the gummy works like a sponge). Cover air tight with plastic ceram wrap and fridge overnight.

24hours later your gummies will be about…. twice the size of a normal gummy (mine didn’t quite balloon that way but it was about…. 50% bigger) which is hilarious. A bonus is obviously the gummies won’t be able to soak up all the vodka so there will be this almost syrupy leftover liquid… drink it as a shot (tasted like candy flavored vodka! YUM!)

The Gummy Bears aren’t as chewy as they were pre-vodka-bath…. they actually taste like jello shots .

Man now we can throw Gummy Bear Parties!!! But hey, as always please consume with CAUTION. Each bear is spiked and imagine munching on 20…

Super cool? I think so too.

Addendum: Per someone who has the EXPERIENCE… soak Gummy Bears for a 3-5 days or even a week. Try liquors like amaretto rather than alcohol.

– Also can add concentrated juice to mask strong Vodka taste.

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