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March 25: 3Things (No wait, maybe 5)

As Spring totally bulldozes winter (it’s raining all week next week… I knew it was toooo good to be true) out of Vancouver, my week (although far from being fantastic) is sprinkled with some pretty rad pockets of awesomeness that on more than one occasion made me smile.

FIRST up is a surprise from mah pal (RD) who escaped over the border for a few days to apparently drain his bank account by “living life”. RD and love the mandatory pints + 5lbs of Wings after a long Wednesday shift…. and more or less, any random day we feel like parading ourselves up and down Granville Street with our mind blasting company.

SECOND, is something very special. A few months ago, I had the opportunity to pledge my support to a relatively unknown artist whom I really LOVE, Alabama based Matthew Mayfield. A truly unique and talented rock singer who just gives me goosebumps every time my Iphone shuffles into one of his songs. Along the process, we got to name our favorite song of his and I never thought twice to say Fire Escape. Three months later, a handwritten thanks and lyrics to the song was sitting quietly in my mailbox.

OMG, *big smile*…. ear to ear. As {RD} says, “Hell, cute guy writing” *gay voice*.


R2D2 Handpainted TOMS by NerdPorn

Star Wars Bathing Suits by BlackMilk Clothing. Sadly these are not being made anymore

Ahhhhh.... Balenciaga's Spring 2012 Star Wars-like fashion complete with Darth Vader-esque hat.... (PS: this look is UGLY)

FOURTH, more Star Wars… This time what if Bobba & Vader dressed like hot men and met photographer Marino Flovent?

And the last but not the LEAST…. just because I felt pressured and obligated to be objective about posting one and not posting the other for comparison….

HERE’S ANOTHER AB PHOTO….. thank yoooouuuuuu Hockey Gods.

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