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WHUT? The Philippines has a Hockey League?!: The Only Hockey Blog I Will Ever Write….

In the span of a week since I’ve gone live with WordPress, a couple of my friends said this, “You should write a hockey blog”… and am like, “About what?”… “UH what’s running through your head? You’re pretty funny when you analyze it. Or don’t you listen to yourself when you watch a game?”….No I don’t listen to myself when I watch the game.

So I write this blog in dedication to the most unexpected piece of information I read in the Hockey circuit (aka TWITTER) about this rise of the sport in many unexpected countries….. and imagine my ABSOLUTE shock when they specially highlighted an article written by Jaser Marasigan from THE MANILA BULLETIN, entitled “Hot as Ice” (March 21, 2012)… about the slow & very niche rise of HOCKEY IN THE PHILIPPINES. [}


AND WE HAVE AN MIHL?! (Manila Ice Hockey League)…. LEGIIIITTT!!!! Composed of 4 teams: Manila Saints, Rocky Mountain Café (whut?! WHY?!), the Omni Sharks, and the Manila Predators (OooOoohhhh).

AND THEY PLAY/PRACTICE IN THE SM MALL OF ASIA OLYMPIC SIZE SKATING RINK?!… The Philippines currently has 200 registered players as opposed to Canada & US who have half a million or so.

I think when I got over the initial shock, I realized how awesome it is. It may never be as huge as basketball or football, but it exists in a country I least expect it to. It’s a pleasant surprise…. they’ve been around for a decade now.

The article also featured interviews with the players and who their idols are. It’s great to see some familiar NHL names being said (Crosby, Toews, Iginla, Hossa, Pavel Bure, Malkin)… because my next question is:

WHERE DO THEY WATCH NHL GAMES?! I can hardly watch a decent game in the Philippines without having to go through VPN… (Thank Nino Tan by the way for the tip)

Anyways, to sum it up… it’s just a piece of information that snuck past everyone for the past few years.

And to quote my brother, “DAFUUUUUQQQQQ?!”… that was exactly what this Filipino-living-in-Vancouver-now-brainwashed-hockey-lovers reacted to this piece of truth.

Now I wish I could skate.


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2 thoughts on “WHUT? The Philippines has a Hockey League?!: The Only Hockey Blog I Will Ever Write….

  1. We watch hockey on ASN (NHL Games Live) and on the internet:)

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