The Anti Bore

March11: THREE AWESOME THINGS: Because Your Life Needs Them

I try to stay entertained every week. And I wanted to do a regular entry about THREE (or four) things/events/videos/etc/etc that made my week just at par with my Anti-Bore mantra.

So here goes:

Fuck the Rain Umbrella, $45 by Artemy Lebedev of Russia

1) When living in Vancouver, it’s rain 70% of the time, 29% clouds and 1% sun. Sometimes when you wake up you automatically raise your fists to the sky and grumble incoherent words of hate.

The JuiceTank Iphone Case/Charger from Kickstarter

2) As an Apple user… I am shocked that NOBODY has ever thought of this earlier. I hate hate hate all those cords and usb port charger. Friggin’ waste of time and bag space. This sleek and portable design is fast garnering pledgers and investors in Kickstarter. I too have jumped onto the Bandwagon of Genius and can’t wait to get mine in July.

And the 3rd thing. I was going to place like an awesome video about Prometheus but then THAT was topped off by some much needed comic relief courtesy of the Vancouver Canucks who lost 5 out 6 until last night’s game against Columbus #theworstteamintheNHL.

Chris Higgins: AbBomber

3) Chris “I have way too much abs” Higgins…. Le Abs.

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