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Trading the Oscars for GOON: A Hockey Movie

For the first time in many years, I felt cinematically alienated from the biggest award show known to man. Many of my friends know I’m a huge movie aficionado and could probably call out winners 7/10 times. But this year… NNNOOOOO…. I have NOT seen a single Oscar nominated flick… except for Puss in Boots.

So rather than pretentiously watching the show, my siblings and I slipped to see a very Canadian slapstick comedy called Goon. A pretty bombastic parody of a religion (if not sometimes maliciously misconstrued) by a lot of people in the globe. The sport is still considered a niche if you put it apples to apples to let’s say: basketball. It will never be as gentlemanly as soccer, nor will it be as hip as basketball… but by hokceygods it will always be badass poetic.


So how abouts the movie eh? Sean William Scott (most commonly worshipped as the Great Stifler) plays a bouncer who has a knack for fighting. And as Cinderella stories often go, he awkwardly finds his Element in a sport where his talents is embraced/worshipped as opposed to his family (except his gay brother) who thinks he’s just plain stupid.

And that’s that.

Then he ultimately faces his very own Everest by trading a fist-to-face showdown with Liev Shrieber. Blood, teeth, hair, spit flies everywhere… all in all, an outrageous exaggeration but still a hilarious brainless movie.

So, if you want an inspiring movie, I suggest you go see Seabiscuit or Moneyball.

If you want a laugh and tons of WTF moments. Go see GOON. 

It’s worth choking on your own soda.

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