The Anti Bore

Crowd Funding: The Creative’s World Bank. An Entrepreneur’s Heaven.

My way of being on top of all things new & creative is trolling around these awesome platforms called Crowd Funding, that have been successfully catapulting backyard talents to global success stories.

Simply put: “Dammmnniiitttt… I have no money!!!” may no longer be an excuse….or too intimidated to approach a bank for a loan… there are brilliant sites out there that allow total strangers to invest/pledge on your idea/work/projects, with of course a return on investment. Best of all, it eliminates any middleman, it’s money STRAIGHT to your pocket.

The great thing is, your pledgers don’t expect money back. They ACTUALLY WANT A PIECE of your work.


My absolute favorite! An entrepreneur’s dream… a friendly site that allows you to raise funds (no matter how small or grand your projects are) through people’s pledges. From designs to fashion lines to movies, artistic folk from all over the globe (including Pinoy Mickey Bustos) have learned that Kickstarter is a painless way of raising money and setting your dreams freeeeeee…. For example as an Iphone accessory inventor, you can raise funds for a that new state of the art docking station. And if someone pledges $30 you can reward them with the product once it launches, or 2 if they pledge $50 and so on. There is no limit to your dollar goals and your supporters will only be charged once your target is reached.

That docking station example is actually THE ultimate success story. They wanted to raise $75,ooo to start producing a beautiful Iphone dock with “no violent shaking or using two hands to hold the dock down required”…. the world pledged… with $1.5MILLION.

My first pledge is for this budding director who wants to make a short film about meeting his first love with a Star Wars twist.


If you really BELIEVE in an artist. You’ll PAY for talent.

Struggling musician? Hell you don’t need American Idol or YouTube, here’s a site that actually let’s you raise money for an album/concert. Great unsigned and undiscovered talents riddle this site. But also some well known bands like Secondhand Seranade, Vertical Horizon etc, have used Pledgemusic to raise capital.

Most of these artists are what we call “Underground”. But it’s always an awesome feeling to discover them. I have already pledged on 2 artists:

Matthew Mayfield – Click on Photo for “Fire Escape” on YouTube

Mia Dyson

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